"Quality Street"

based on the play by J.M.Barrie

A romantic musical comedy about mistaken identify, social impropriety, and the bad taste of cold revenge.

A challenging score, written in a classic but musical theatre style. The play features 6 women, 4 men, with a scalable ensemble.

Now in development.

Quality Street


This 1980 song found its way to the gifted actor/writer/singer Grant James Varjas. His and Preston Clarke's alternative rock interpretation is one I never imagined; haunting and nuanced, but far from the lush Hollywood arrangement I had expected.

Download recording, sheet music and listen to original orchestration.

Closer Sheet Music

"Sassafras Tea"

Once upon a time deep in the heart of Greenwich Village, off the square but hard to miss, there was a piano bar, famed and faded. Eldorado. A perpetual green room, visited nightly by Broadway stars and showbiz wannabes. They dally and drink, chatter and sing, side by side with mere patrons that gawk and applaud, taking musical turns as secrets play out and the songs play on.

Download sheet music for two songs from the show.

Sassafras Tea

"The Story of Young Charlie"

A new musical is rare for this unique and prestigious school, and it was thrilling to see the lavish production in the heart of London. This was the first full production of Ernest Kinoy's challenging script about the Young Charlie, with full orchestrations for a 21-piece orchestra.
(listen to "The Little Fella" Theme)

Visit chaplinthemusical.com to hear and read more about the journey of the original Charlie Chaplin musical.